Thank you for visiting my website. I am a licensed psychologist (O.P.Q# 12180-13) in Montreal, Québec providing counselling to individuals, couples, and groups. My areas of expertise include working with individuals and couples experiencing sexual and/or relationship difficulties. My other special areas of focus include working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, or issues related to self-esteem and wellness. On occasion, I offer group workshops and information evenings on marital enhancement, sexual health, and coping and managing with depression or anxiety.  



Is Therapy Right for You?

I appreciate how difficult it can be to seek help and find the right therapist. It is not unusual for people to struggle for long periods before they enter therapy, or for a relationship to suffer for a prolonged period of time, often years, before the couple seeks counseling. It takes courage and determination to reach out to a complete stranger for support, guidance, and hopefully, change. Choosing your therapist is a very personal and individual decision. It needs to feel right. It needs to fit. These pages give you an idea of my approach to therapy, and how we might work together.


Areas of Focus